Causes and Treatment for Itchy Heat Rash Under Armpits

Armpits or underarms that itch are red and have developed a rash is most probably experiencing a heat rash. Under hot climates and because of habits of lifestyle, a heat rash can develop in the most embarrassing of places, including the armpits. Just as a heat rash can easily be developed, it is also easily treated.

Heat Rash Under Armpits

  • Also known as prickly heat.
  • Heat rash is commonly seen in babies but can also develop in adults.
  • Heat rash often develops in places in the body where it receives constant friction and is warm and hidden by clothing.
  • This rash is red or pink in color.
  • Symptoms of this condition include the development of a rash that look like small dots or pimples.
  • The rash can get irritated by fitted clothing and constant scratching.
  • The risk of developing secondary infections is a concern when it comes to heat rash.


There are many causes for heat rash to develop under the armpits.

  • Chemical dermatitis or allergic reaction – a reaction caused by ingredients in the deodorant or antiperspirants used.
  • Heat – the underarm area is prone to heat build-up that can lead to a localized rash.
  • Fungus – a warm and moist armpit is conducive to fungal growth which can lead to an armpit rash.
  • Shaving – razor bumps resulting from shaving can cause ingrown hairs that can become irritated and inflamed causing a rash.
  • Friction – wearing of fitted clothing can lead to the development of a rash.
  • Blocked sweat glands – sweat ducts that have become blocked can swell and lead to itching and discomfort.

Heat Rash Armpit Treatment

Heat rash can be easily developed but it is also quite easily treated even with natural home remedies.

  • Ice pack – cooling the affected skin with an ice pack can help relieve discomfort and prevent heat rash from worsening.
  • Powdered bath – refers to a bath which makes use of baking soda or oatmeal powder.
  • Dusting or powdering – applying baking soda, cornstarch, or unscented talcum powder after a cold shower will help absorb excess moisture and prevent heat rash.
  • Non-presciption lotion – helps in relieving the discomfort and itchiness that is commonly associated with heat rash.
  • Air drying – allowing air to circulate through the armpits will help heat and moisture build up which causes heat rash.
  • Wearing loose clothing – wear loose clothing to allow air to circulate through the armpits and keep it dry and exposed to light.
  • Cotton clothing – cotton clothing is the best type of clothing to prevent flare ups of heat rash.
  • Maintain a healthy weight – obese and overweight individuals are more prone to heat rash due to the increased tendency to sweat.
  • Stop/change deodorants or antiperspirants – if a rash is noticed after using a particular deodorant or antiperspirant this should be stopped and changed to another product immediately.
  • Shave properly – do not force the razor against the skin when shaving to prevent ingrown hairs that can lead to a heat rash.

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