Symptoms and Treatment of Heat Rash with Natural Remedies

Heat Rash is attributed to obstruction of the sweat glands, which results in perspiration getting trapped inside the skin layers, which in turn is associated with trapping of germs which tend to, cause the rash. Heat rash may appear in the form of superficial blisters and bumps on the skin depending upon the severity of the rash.

Heat Rash Causes

Heat rash refers to a group of skin trouble which is associated with or may worse with exposure to heat. Commonly termed as prickly heat, heat rash is high in prevalence during the summer months and observed more in the tropical humid environments. Though a largely self limiting condition, heat rash may be very distressing and annoying.

Heat rash occurs due to blockage of the sweat glands and hair follicles on the skin. As these glands get occluded, it gives rise to bumps under the skin. Being high in salt content, human sweat can cause irritation of the skin and result in skin rash. Though it can affect any population, the individuals at high risk of developing heat rash include,

  • Children and infants
  • Athletes and individuals exposed to hot environments
  • Non ambulatory and bed ridden patients
  • Obese and fat individuals
  • Military personnel

Following are the Symptoms of Heat Rash

  • Heat rash appears in the form of small pinpoint bumps, at the ends of the hair follicles.
  • They may be associated with red and pink patches.
  • Advanced forms of heat rash may be associated with raised bumps or hives associated with severe irritation and itching
  • The common areas which are affected by heat rash include the neck, back, face,  groin, area under the breast, elbow folds and area around the buttocks

Heat Rash Natural Remedy

Here are some simple lifestyle tips that can help reduce the incidence and severity of heat rash

  • Wear lose clothing, so as to prevent friction which may result in heat rash
  • Avoid going outdoors and reduce the direct exposure to sun or heat
  • Avoid using creams or oils on the skin as they may block the pores and aggregate the condition
  • Cold compress on the skin may be beneficial to calm down the itching and irritation

Some of the Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Here are some simple home remedies that can help prevent heat rash

  • Local application of Aloe Vera gel is considered beneficial as it smoothens and cools the skin. It also reduces the irritating action of sweat on the skin
  • Calamine Lotion is also considered fairly beneficial. Local application of the lotion along with ice on the skin can help cool the skin down and alleviate the symptoms like itching and irritation.
  • After taking a cold water bath, always powder yourself with talcum powder. This helps prevent sweating and also absorbs the extra moisture which may subsequently result in heat rash.

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