Does Shaving Causes Underarm Bumps and Ways for Treatments

Women who shave to keep their underarm hair from growing too long often suffer from the development of bumps or rashes. Rather than getting smooth underarms, they only get bumpy or even irritated underarms that prevent them from wearing the clothes they want. Practicing the right underarm shaving techniques can help prevent bumps from developing.

Underarm Bumps

  • These refer to bumps in the armpits often caused by shaving.

  • These bumps can be uncomplicated or it can become cysts or fluid filled sacs or it can also become painful lumps.

  • Improper shaving and the woman’s skin condition can make a woman prone to developing armpit bumps.

  • These bumps are often itchy and irritating.

  • Some women develop a rash along with the bumps.

  • Together, rashes and bumps can make a women feel insecure and lose their confidence especially when it comes to wearing sleeveless clothing.

Underarm Bumps and Rash from Shaving

There are many causes for bumps and rashes to appear after shaving. These include:

  • Folliculitis – hair follicles that have become irritated from shaving and have also become infected.

    This occurs more commonly in moist areas and in areas where repeated shaving is done.

  • Antiperspirants – armpit bumps can also be caused by a reaction to antiperspirants or its ingredients.

  • Fungal or bacterial infection – these can also cause bumps to form in the underarm area. Fungus and bacteria thrive in moist and dark areas such as the armpits.

  • Using dull razors for shaving.

  • Using razors stored in moist areas where the environment promotes bacterial growth.

Underarm Bumps Treatment

In some women, armpit bumps often go away on its own without treatment. For bumps that do not disappear over a period of time, treatment may be necessary.

  • Antibiotic or antifungal treatment for bumps that do not respond to conservative treatment.

  • Shave only in the direction of hair growth. Never shave against the direction of hair growth.

  • Do not press the razor very hard on the skin.

  • Keep the razor in a dry place.

  • Use the razor for not more than three times.

  • Wear clothing that allow air to flow in the underarm area or clothing that prevents moisture build up.

  • Discontinue the current antiperspirant brand that’s causing the armpit bumps.

  • Use mild soap to keep the underarm clean and keep it dry at all times.

  • Avoid applying deodorant or antiperspirant immediately after shaving.

  • Keep the underarm dry at all times.

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