Body Odor Diet | Food and Diet to Get Rid Of Body Odor Naturally

Diet for Body Odor

Another known culprit when it comes to body odor is the food you eat. Aside from spices and spicy food, there are other kinds of food that do make people smell unattractive and funky. Here are some tips on what foods to avoid and what to add to your diet to make you come out smelling better:

  • Aside from spices like garlic, cumin, onions and curry, try to avoid foods that have rather high-sulfur content like eggs.
  • You can actually make your sweat smell nice by eating certain foods or adding certain spices to your food. One of the more well-known spices that can be used to make your sweat smell nice is cinnamon. Another food product that can be used to neutralize the smell of sweat is baking powder.
  • Since body odor is also a result of toxins being released from the body through sweat, eating food that can bring numerous toxins to a person’s body should be avoided.
    Some of the foods that can cause body odor include red meat, manufactured and processed foods and alcohol.
  • Try to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Whole grains and other food that help with digestion and detoxification can also help you avoid body odor.
  • Drinking enough water every day will also help keep you from accumulating the toxins in your body and these toxins are one of the sources of body odor.

Diet for Body Smell

Intake of balanced diet is important for people suffering from foul body smell problem. Diet containing 20% protein and 20% oils and fats (excluding animal fat) are effective in controlling body smell. Multivitamin or multimineral supplements can also be taken as a substitute for this balanced diet.

If person is suffering from fish odor syndrome then foods to avoid are lecithin or choline rich items like chocolates, peanuts, corn and many others.

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