Body Odor Remedies: Natural Home Remedies and Cure to Rid Of Body Odor

Body Odor Home Remedies

Getting rid of that malodorous smell can be done from home and in a few different ways. Aside from practicing good hygiene and making sure that you keep yourself fresh and clean at all times, here are some remedies you can try and use if the smell persists:

  • Try to determine that the odor you are emitting is not from fungal sources.
    If they are, you should try bathing and “soaping” your underarms and the other malodorous parts of your body with an anti-fungal agent like a dandruff shampoo.
  • Some people do not take to wearing deodorants really well. One of the things that can help keep body odor down is lemon juice and lemon juice that is diluted with the use of some warm water wiped under your armpits or on the areas that seem to be giving off that malodorous smell should do the trick.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil has been said to work wonders on a lot of ailments and taking care of body odor seems to be one of them. Simply apply a little bit of this oil on a ball of cotton and wipe over the bad smelling area of your body. Make sure the part you are putting this oil on is clean to begin with.
  • Talcum powder can help absorb sweat and can then keep body odor down. Don’t apply powder directly under your arms, but instead, apply a thin coat of powder in the armpit area of your shirt.

Body Odor Treatment

To get rid of body smell relaxation therapies like yoga and meditation are beneficial as they overcome stress which is one of the cause of perspiration. Walking barefoot, wearing cotton and wool socks and shoes made using natural materials.

Body Smell Cure

For treating body smell, homemade deodorant using the herb tea tree oil and water is effective. Mixing rose water in bath tub is the best remedy for foul odor. Intake of sage tea, using alcohol and white vinegar for washing the armpit also reduces body smell.

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