Body Odor Symptoms | Smelling, Excessive Production Apocrine Sweat

Body odor is a condition wherein the patient has an unpleasant body odor. This unpleasant smell is due to the bacteria that thrive in the body, often multiplying very rapidly when the person is sweating. This is among the reasons why people who sweat excessively are also more prone to developing body odor.

In most cases, body odor is caused by poor hygiene, poor health, and poor diet. It can also be aggravated by medications, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, and certain ailments. Studies have shown that genetics also plays a role in body odor. A person with body odor is likely to have a child with body odor as well. There are also some populations and ethnic groups who are more susceptible to body odor.

Symptoms of Body Odor

The only known symptom of body odor is the smell or the problem itself. When an individual suffers from body odor, he or she often does not know it until someone else points it out. The reason for this is that the patient may have already become immune to the smell if it had gradually built up so that he or she might not notice it until someone else does. While the only real symptom of body odor is the smell that comes from certain parts of the body, there are some things that may aggravate these symptoms and other indications that the patient may have body odor problems:

  • When the patient finds that people tend avoid him or her. If the patient has constantly experienced either of the two, chances are, he or she may have body odor.
  • Sometimes, one of the symptoms of body odor is the excessive production of what is called apocrine sweat in a person’s body. Hyperactive apocrine sweat glands can cause a person to sweat a lot in the areas that are prone to body odor problems like the groin and the armpits.
  • When the patient finds that despite very regular hygienic practices he or she still smells rather unpleasant, then there might be a body odor problem.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

  • Practice good hygiene by taking regular showers using antibacterial soap.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the armpits. The water used for bathing can also be added with apple cider vinegar.
  • A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda can also be used on the armpits.
  • Bathe first in tomato sauce or water added with tomato sauce before proceeding to a regular bath.

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