Prevent Body Odor | Natural Ways to Prevent Body Odor

Body Odor Prevention

Preventing body odors from happening can be done with a few preventive measures that some people practice. Here are some of them:

  • When you need to use something under your arms to help prevent body odor from happening, make sure that you know why body odor may be happening there first.
    If your body odor is due to excessive production of sweat under your arms, then you should consider using an anti-perspirant instead of a deodorant for your underarms.
  • Make sure you wear fresh clothes every day or change into fresh clothes after you find yourself sweating in the clothes you just wore. If possible, change your underwear as well to help you avoid any unwanted odors down there too.
  • Take a shower every day to wash away all the dirt and bacteria from your body. Try to use an anti-bacterial soap that can help you get rid of more bacteria on your body.
    Make sure you soap thoroughly the areas that are prone to having bad odors.
  • Do not mask your sweat with cologne since this may just make things worse. It would be better to wipe off any sweat you find under your arms or in other places of your body with a towel and to splash the area with alcohol to kill any odor causing bacteria there.

How to Prevent Body Odor or Bromhidrosis

For preventing bad body odor, wear natural fiber clothes made up of cotton, wool, or silk as they enhance sweat evaporation. Use anti-bacterial soap, as they inhibit the growth of bacteria on the body and if possible, make a habit of bathing twice with warm water and keep body dry all the time. Armpit hair and body hair should be trimmed regularly to avoid bacterial growth in these sweat producing areas. Detoxifying the body is also effective as it removes toxins.

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