Home Remedies For Underarm Body Odor In Children: Causes Of Body Odor

Parents often believe that body odor in children is a rare phenomenon, especially under arm body odor. Yes to an extent it is true, it is unusual to have noticeable underarm odor till the child reaches puberty. Contrary to this belief, body odor has become quite common in children even if they take all the hygienic care. Well in this distressing situation, it becomes necessary for parents to know why their children emanate bad odor from their body.

Causes Of Body Odor In Children

Many people believe that sweat is the cause of body odor, but it is not so. In fact sweat in itself is odorless. The main reason for foul body odor is the bacteria present on the surface of the skin. When sweat and bacteria interact in the underarms you get that foul underarm odor.

  • Children reaching the age of puberty secrete androgens; this hormone activates the sweat glands to produce more sweat and secondary sexual characteristics. As a result the sweat thus produced in the underarms interacts with the bacteria to give foul underarm odor.
  • Foods: children who eat onions and garlic and other smelly foods can develop body odor.
    This happens when the strong smell seeps through the skin pores.
  • In a rare metabolic disorder called phenylketonuria, body is not able to breakdown phenylalanine, an amino acid present in food. Due to this, there is built up of phenylalanine giving strong body odor. Eating less protein diet can bring body odor under control in children.
  • Precocious puberty is when the children develop signs of puberty early than it should normally occur. During this period parents may be note underarm odor in children.
  • Besides this, parasites and metal toxicities can also give unhygienic body odor in children.

Underarm Body Odor In Children Home Remedies

Parents often ask how to treat body odor in children naturally.

This will depend on the finding the under lying cause. However certain tips and steps will help to curtail the body odor in children such as:

  • Sometimes children who drink milk which contains hormones can contribute underarm body odor. In these cases the natural way to treat the body odor is to feed the child with hormone free organic milk, avoid fatty foods.
  • Switch to organic milk if your child prefers to drink milk regularly and smells foul body odor.
  • Take medical advice if the symptoms do not alleviate.
  • The pediatrician will be able to know if your child is suffering from any metabolic disorder or if he is suffering from parasites.
  • The best natural home remedy is add two cups of tomato juice in the child’s bath tub and let him take bath with this water.
  • Baking soda, diluted apple cider vinegar, sage tea and diluted essential oils all are useful to treat body odor in children naturally.
  • Changing clothes daily and taking daily bath also keeps the child away from bad odor.

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