What Causes Skin Boils Infection | Boils Under the Skin Causes

Boils Infection Causes

What are the causes of boils and why do these things occur? Who is affected by these painful, pus-filled bumps? There are a few reasons why boils pop up, but the most common reason is because of an ingrown strand of hair in the area. Here are a few more reasons why boils come about:

  • Sometimes a boil develops when a splinter or some foreign object finds itself lodged in the person’s skin.
    The body then reacts to this foreign object by creating a boil.
  • Some boils are the result of bacterial infection. For example, the boils called furuncles come about because of the bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Cystic acne is caused by blocked oil ducts. These develop into abscesses or boils when they are left untreated.
  • A boil is actually a sign that your body is fighting the bacteria that is found in the area of this pus-filled bump. The pus that is found in the abscess are actually white blood cells that are trying to eradicate the bacteria that is living in the wound or the bump where the boil is.
  • Boils can easily develop from open wounds you have should it become infected by bacteria.

Why Boils Occur

When body’s immunity level weakens due to diseases and medicines then chances of getting furuncles increases in such people. Common health disorders which damage the immune systems are diabetes, kidney failures, and liver problems. Other risk factors responsible for its development are – previous history of boils infection or carbuncles, chemical exposure, wearing clothes that cause skin irritation, usage of glycerin based products, presence of other skin conditions like acne and infected wounds.

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