Natural Treatments for Boils | Natural Remedies for Boils Cure

Boils Home Remedies

There are a lot of well-known remedies for boils; some of which are administered or prescribed by your doctor. If you find that you can easily take care of your problem with boils and you feel that you are capable enough of extracting the pus from your boils to begin the healing process of these painful bumps, you might want to try some of these home remedies:

  • The medicinal qualities of garlic and onions can be used to help disinfect as well as treat boils.
    Simply mix together some garlic juice and onion juice then rub this mixture with the use of a clean cotton ball on the ripening boil. Once you pop the boil and drain the pus from it, apply this mixture again to speed up the healing process and kill bacteria that may be there.
  • Parsley can be used to cure boils as well. Just boil a few fresh leaves of parsley until they are tender, then drain these and create a poultice with these. Apply to the boil.
  • To make the boil come to a head, hot compresses can be used.
  • Turmeric is also a well-known spice that can help with wounds and boils.
    After a boil ripens and bursts, put a bit of turmeric powder over the wound. This will help speed up the healing and drying out process of the boil.

Cure for Boils

Application of homemade paste made using grated raw carrot and wheat germ oil is effective in treating boils. To remove boil, applying hot soft bread or hot linseed or bark of slippery elm mixed with eucalyptus oil as poultice is beneficial. Essential oil hot compress is also a good way to reduce skin boils infection. Mixture of turmeric powder, milk cream and vinegar or cumin seeds paste are also effective treatment options.

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