Home Remedies for Treating Boils that Develop on the Neck

Boils are basically skin infections caused by bacteria present in the skin but has entered through an opening in the skin causing an infection. Boils can form in any part of the body. Depending on location, it can be small and non-irritating or it can turn large, tender and sensitive.

Boils occur where there are hair follicles and glands present.

Boils on Neck

The neck is just one of the many places in the body that a boil can form.

  • By definition, a boil is a skin infection starts in areas where there are hair follicles or oil glands present.

  • Boils in the neck commonly form below or just below the hairline where many hair follicles are present. It can start as a red lump which then develops into a pus-containing white lump, until it becomes an abscess when infection has already spread. Boils that develop on the neck are usually very sensitive and tender and can grow to a large size.

  • Abscess formation commonly develops from neck boils.

Boils on Neck Treatment

Boils on the neck can be resolved on its own with the help of the body’s immune system at work. However, there are cases wherein in order to successfully eradicate or removed boils that have formed on the neck, medical treatment may be necessitated.

  • Administration of tetracycline antibiotics. This is one of the most common antibiotics recommended by doctors for treatment of boils.

  • Observance of proper hygiene. The person should keep the area around the boil clean and dry whenever possible to avoid the thriving of bacterial growth.

  • Eating a balanced diet. This helps strengthen the person’s immune system to fight the boil.

  • Altering lifestyles and habits. This includes quitting smoking and drinking which can cause delayed healing and weakens the immune system.

  • Adequate sun exposure. Exposure to the sun has been shown to heal boils but care should be observed to avoid burning the skin of the boil.

Home Remedies for Boils on Neck

Certain home remedies have helped in treating boils that developed on the neck. These include:

  • Neem bark paste applied to the boil surface.

  • Ground castor seed applied topically over the boil.

  • Avoid consumption of sour foods.

  • Eat plenty of fruits especially melons to help detoxify and purify the blood.

  • Regular physical exercise in the open air to help strengthen the body’s system functions.

  • Dry massage together with sponge bath done daily in the morning to keep skin clean and refreshed avoiding the instance of boil formations.

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