Causes Of Boils On Stomach: What Are Its Home Remedies?

Boils or furuncles are deep folliculitis; which are chiefly infection of the hair follicle. Boils are usually exceedingly painful and have a hard core filled with pus and may occur anywhere in the body.

They start as red-pink, swollen, firm areas in the skin. In due course, they become water-filled. In the last phase, the central portion softens and gets filled with infection-battling white blood cells.

This accumulation of bacteria, white blood cells, and proteins is known as pus. In time, the pus forms a head which may spontaneously drain out to surface of the skin or can be opened surgically.

What Causes Boils On Stomach?

The chief cause for the development of boils is an infection of the hair follicles which triggers a localized buildup of dead cells and pus. By and large, boils on the stomach develop due to infection by a type of bacterium, called Staphylococcus Aureus, nonetheless, other bacteria or fungi found on the surface of your skin may also be responsible for the development of boils. Boils can be transmitted from individual to individual.

The bacteria, are more often than not, present on the surface of the skin and they gain entry after a scratch, abrasion, cut or other damage to the skin, resulting in infection.

Boils can also occur when one’s immune system is weak.

Home Remedies For Boils On Stomach

In general, most boils tend to resolve without any treatment in about 2 to 3 weeks. Occasionally, treatment may be required to manage boils on the stomach.

In case of very stubborn boils or if they are recurring on a regular basis, your health care provider will prescribe antibiotics. Your doctor will also prescribe medicines and certain foods to boost your immune system functioning to fight off infections rapidly.

  • Warm compresses have been rather beneficial in the management of stomach boils. Soak cotton in warm water and apply to the affected area, 2 to 5 times every day. This will allay pain and also stimulate draining of the pus.
  • Use an anti bacterial soup for your bath.
  • Tea tree is a very effective and rapid home remedy for the treatment and management of boils on the stomach. Tea tree essential oil is an anti bacterial and anti fungal essential oil that battles all types of infections quickly. Apply 1 drop of neat tea tee oil to the boils several times through the day for rapid relief.
  • Cabbage leaves are also prescribed by most naturopaths for the treatment of boils. Wash the leaves well and place them over the affected area. Then place a warm cloth over the leaves and leave for half an hour.
  • Aloe vera is also helpful in the management of pain and discomfort. Once you feel the boils are drying out and the infection has abated; apply the gel over the skin of the stomach. Aloe vera will soothe the skin and prevent scarring and dark pigmentation.
  • Skin hygiene is the most important aspect of treating the boils and preventing recurrences. Cleanse the stomach area properly with soap; take showers instead of tub baths; and do not share towels, napkins and fomites.

Additionally, drink lots of water, a minimum of 2 to 3 liters per day; this will help get rid of toxins and bacterial products and thus expedite healing. You can also have herbal teas, such as, ginger tea, cinnamon tea and rose tea; these are excellent for the treatment of boils.

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