Symptoms Of Boils On Skin: Signs And Home Remedies For Red Boils

Signs of Skin Boils

There are quite a number of symptoms that can be associated with boils. These symptoms usually indicate why these boils are there and are sometimes indicative of the kind of boils that a person has. Here are a few symptoms of boils that the patient may notice when he/she is suffering from this condition:

  • Some boils bring with them fever or chills.
  • Boils can be easily recognized since they do start off as a reddened area of the skin that then becomes warm and hard to touch. This will then proceed to form a bump that will then have a soft center.
  • When the boil is mature or the pus can be removed from the boil, a white dot will appear somewhere in the middle of this red bump. Do not try to remove the pus inside the boil as this could lead to further infections.
  • One can tell that a bump will develop into a boil when it feels warm to the touch.
  • Sometimes the bump where the boil is developing will become itchy.
  • Sometimes it will become itchy once the pus is pushing itself out of the bump through the thinner part of the boil.

Home Remedies For Skin Boils

The following remedies can be easily found and prepared at home:

  • Take a piece of betel leaf and warm it on low fire until it becomes soft. Apply a layer of castor oil, ensuring that the leaf is fully coated. Spread the still warm leaf on the affected area. This should be replaced after a few hours.
  • Grind some cumin seeds. Add water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the skin boils.
  • Boil water. Place some parsley and steep for a few minutes. When the parsley becomes soft, wrap it in clean cloth and use as poultice on the boils.
  • Roast some pieces of dried turmeric roots. Take the ashes and dissolve in 1 cup of water. Apply this on the affected areas.
  • Turmeric powder can also be used effectively. Simply sprinkle the powder on the boils.
  • It is also a good idea to make a paste from turmeric powder and water. Apply this on the affected area.
  • Extract juice from a head of garlic and a piece of onion. Apply this juice on the affected area.
  • Add 1 tsp lime juice to 1 cup of fresh bitter gourd. Drink this daily.

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