What are the Symptoms of Buttock Abscess and Its Home Treatment

Buttock Abscess

Most people find it difficult to move around due to the discomfort that boils on buttocks can bring. It is an infection on the skin that starts as a reddened elevated area. Over time, the area has become firm and hard creating abscess and softening in the center.

White blood cells fill the infected area and become pus, thus creating buttock abscess. People with this kind of skin infection often find it difficult to do chores and basic daily activities. Most experience extreme pain and discomfort by just sitting down.

If the buttock abscess is left untreated, it will eventually spread out on other parts of the skin. It can create more discomfort as the pus, a combination of bacteria and white blood cells, spreads out and multiplies. Fortunately, there are a lot of available treatments which can cure this skin infection before it can even spread out on other skin parts. Sometimes, formation of boils can relapse which is called chronic furuncolosis.

Buttock Abscess Symptoms

People who do not have enough antibodies are often hit with this infection. This is because of the body’s inability to fight the bacteria. It is very easy to notice buttock abscess once it starts to infect the skin. Patients will be able to notice the following conditions:

  • The presence of red, tender, and pus-filled lumps

  • A pus-filled center which has turned white or yellow

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Fever may occur with the presence of multiple boils

  • Skin itching before the occurrence of a boil

Natural Home Treatment for Buttock Abscess

Boils are caused by a lot of factors. These factors include ingrown hairs, presence of foreign materials in the skin, plugged sweat glands, and any skin breakage that can be penetrated by bacteria.

However, this condition should be immediately treated. A buttock abscess can be highly contagious. It can affect other people who come in contact with another person already affected with a ruptured boil. Anyone can develop a boil especially people whose immune systems are weak and impaired. Patients having buttock abscess can try the following natural remedies:

  • Hot compression of the skin is the primary treatment for buttock abscess.

  • Wash the skin with a natural soap containing antibiotic properties.

  • Regular use of abrasive brush such as loufa can be of great help.

  • Regular bathing can also keep bacteria from building up on the skin.

  • If the boil becomes large and creates a lot of discomfort, you can seek the help of a doctor.

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