Causes Of Boils On The Face And Natural Remedies For Facial Boils

There are a variety of causes that can lead to facial boils. Hormonal changes, especially occurring during adolescence is considered to be a leading cause of facial boils. While facial boils may be single or multiple, there are certain simple home remedies and skin care tips that have been found to be highly beneficial in management of facial boils and pimples.

A facial boil is a typical skin infection, which is associated with the obstruction of a hair follicle or a sebaceous gland (also referred to as natural oil gland on the skin). The hair follicle or the sebaceous gland may be obstructed, either by dirt or dead cells, making it prone to infections. Once infected, the hair follicle or sebaceous gland may become red and inflamed. Inflammation results in the formation of pus under the skin, which is responsible for pain, redness and tenderness.

This entire process of formation of pus can take about four to seven days depending upon the age and other environmental factors.

Facial boils often have the tendency to spread quickly and affect the surrounding follicles or glands. Therefore it is often recommended to use home remedies to treat the condition promptly and prevent its spread.

What Are The Causes Of Facial Boils?

While the leading cause of facial boils is obstruction of the hair follicle or sebaceous gland, which makes it prone to infection, there are certain predisposing factors that increase the risk of facial boils. Some of these predisposing factors include,

  • Hormonal changes as observed during adolescence or during every menstrual cycle in a female are associated with the increased episodes of facial boils.
  • Excessive exposure to dirt and sun is also associated with higher risk of facial boils. The dirt and perspiration may combine to obstruct the follicles and sebaceous glands, resulting in pimples.
  • Dryness of the skin is also connected to facial boil. A dry skin is more prone to scaling, which in turn increases the chances of obstruction of the sebaceous glands and follicles, thereby increasing the risk of facial boils.
  • Poor nutrition is considered to increase the risk of facial boils. Poor nutrition also contributes to poor immune response, which is also linked with facial boils.
  • Certain chronic disease conditions like diabetes are also linked with higher risk of development of facial boils.

Natural Home Remedies For Boils On The Face

Here are some simple home remedies that are considered beneficial in the management of facial boils,

  • Local application of turmeric is very beneficial. Turmeric has strong anti-microbial properties, which helps keep the infection under control and prevents its spread. It also improves the texture of the skin.
  • Tea tree essential oil has profound benefit on the skin and in the management of facial boils and pimples.
  • Ensure that your diet is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. Both these vitamins are considered to be very vital for the skin and hence should be included in your regular diet.
  • A regular and gentle facial scrub is considered to help remove dead cells and dirt from the skin and prevent obstruction of the follicles and sebaceous glands.

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