Home Remedies For Bone Spurs In Elbow: Its Causes And Symptoms

A bone spur is a bony protuberance which forms along the edge of the bone. They are also called as osteophytes and frequently develop where bones meet each other in a particular joint. The chief cause for the development of a bone spur is impairment or damage to the elbow, usually linked to osteoarthritis.

In most cases bone spurs do not produce any symptoms and remain undiagnosed for several years. They may not need any kind of treatment regimen. The decision about the treatment depends on location of the spurs and how they influence your health.

Causes And Symptoms Of Bone Spurs In Elbow

Impairment and damage to the elbow joint due to osteoarthritis is the most common cause of bone spurs. OA breaks down cartilage that forms the cushion around the ends of bones. Accordingly, the body tries to repair this loss of cartilage by developing these bone spurs in the damaged area.

Bone Spurs In Elbow Symptoms

  • Most bone spurs are asymptomatic, i.e. they produce no symptoms at al. You may not even know that you have bone spurs until your doctor asks you to do an X-ray for another condition and this investigation reveals the presence of the spur.
  • In some cases, however, bone spurs trigger pain, discomfort and loss of motion in the elbow. Your range of movement of the elbow may decrease a little to a great extent, depending up on the impairment.
  • It will be difficult to flex and extend the elbow joint. The spurs get in the way of the bones and tendons that prevent the elbow from operating smoothly.
  • Sometimes, the spur may pinch a nerve root and can cause tingling numbness and weakness in the arm.

Home Remedies To Treat Bone Spurs In Elbow

The following home remedies and natural treatment promise to help manage the symptoms of bone spurs:

  • First and foremost, once the diagnosis is made, let the orthopedic examine you properly. During the physical examination, the physician will feel around the elbow to ascertain the exact site of your pain. Occasionally, your doctor may be able to feel the spur.
  • In extreme cases, initially, it would be a good idea to take over-the-counter analgesics; they will allay your discomfort. Gradually, you could embark up on the nature-therapy to manage the spur.
  • Ginger is the best nature remedy for the successful management of bone spurs and their associated problems. Ginger is loaded with a compound known as gingerols; these help reduce the inflammation which is linked to the presence of spurs. Consequently, there won’t be any swelling and pain at the elbow.
  • Massage is an excellent option to deal with the discomfort of a bone spur. Blend 5 drops of ginger essential oil, 5 drops of clove essential oil and 10 drops of a carrier oil such as olive oil or sesame seed oil. Warm slightly and then gently massage over the elbow joint. This promises you complete relief from pain and what’s more, the range of movement will improve considerably.

Certain bone spurs may restrict your range of motion significantly or may press on to nerves, moreover, they may not respond to natural therapy and you may need surgical intervention to cope up with the case better.

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