Prevent Bone Spurs | How to Prevent Extra Bone Growing in Joints

Can the growth of bone spurs be prevented? If it can be prevented, what does one do to be able to avoid having these painful growths emerge in certain parts of their body? Here are some tips you can follow to avoid these bone spurs:

  • One of the main preventive measures you can use when you are worried about the growth of bone spurs is a major lifestyle change.
    Since some of the reasons why bone spurs emerge is due to the activities you indulge in, you may need to minimize doing these as you age to avoid these growths. Examples of such activities are dancing and running.
  • You may also need to change other habits and things you do in your life like your diet and your choice of exercises. Some of the exercises you might want to indulge in to help you keep healthy but away from bone spur growths include swimming in the ocean or the sea, stretching, aerobics, and even martial arts.
  • When you are exercising however, do not try to over-exert yourself. Do not exhaust and hurt yourself when you are exercising. Also, it is not advisable for you to exercise when you just ate. If you feel too full, try to walk this off instead of exercising.

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