Bronchitis Infection Diet Plan | Chronic Bronchitis Food Treatment

Bronchitis Diet Treatment

Knowing what to eat when you have bronchitis or are prone to getting bronchitis will help you avoid and cure this problem faster. Since diet has been proven to help with curing and preventing certain ailments, having a list of the foods that you should and should not eat when you have bronchitis or are prone to it will greatly help.

Here are some tips on what kinds of foods are ideal for you:

  • Aside from a well-balanced diet for bronchitis, make it a point to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to increase your immunity to the disease and other problems it brings.
  • For chronic bronchitis sufferers, there is a diet you can stay on for a week before returning to a regular balanced diet to help with the treatment of your problem. A diet consisting of all fruits for a week should help a person recuperate faster from this ailment. All the fruit should be fresh and no cooked, dried or canned fruits should be taken during this week.
  • Unsweetened lemon water can also be taken during the period of bronchitis treatment.
  • When a person is prone to bronchitis, careful selection of what he eats should be done.
    Some of the things that should be avoided in a diet for a patient that suffers from bronchitis are meats, tea, refined foods, processed foods, sweets and sugar, products made from white flour, and candies.

Bronchitis Foods

Consuming diet rich in fatty acid, manganese and antioxidants helps in preventing and treating bronchitis. Increasing amount of organic fruits and vegetables and eating coldwater fish or walnuts are also effective foods for bronchitis treatment. Daily diet plan to be followed is freshly squeezed lime and honey in the morning, steamed vegetables during lunch whereas dinner should include green salads, sprouted seeds and cottage cheese made at home. Foods to avoid bronchitis are white sugar, condiments, pickle based products.

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