How to Prevent Bronchitis Infection | Prevention of Bronchial Attacks

Bronchitis Prevention Treatment

Preventing the occurrence of bronchitis is actually possible if you know what can stop you from getting it. Here are some tips on how you can prevent bronchitis recurrence in your home:

  • Prevention is always better than a cure and preventing bronchitis can be done by avoiding the substances that can cause it.
    Certain substances like smoke, chemical fumes, and other forms of air pollution should be avoided if these are the proponents for your acute bronchitis attacks.
  • Try to avoid people who have colds, coughs, the flu, and other similar upper respiratory problems. If this is not possible, try to get yourself an annual flu shot to protect yourself from the viruses that may cause you these problems with bronchitis.
  • Whenever possible, maintain clean hands by washing frequently or by using a hand sanitizer whenever you can. Keeping your hands clean at all times will help minimize the possibility of your getting bronchitis problem through hand to nose or hand to eye infection. Also, try to get rid of the habit of frequently touching your eyes or your nose to avoid such occurrences.
  • If you are always around people who are prone to colds or if you are constantly exposed to a lot of people at any given time, it would be advisable to wear a sanitary face mask to avoid infection if you are a person who is easily infected by such problems.

Preventing Bronchitis

To reduce bronchitis risk; flu vaccination, pneumonia shot, avoiding exposure to second hand smoke are beneficial.

Acute Bronchitis Prevention

Wear specially designed facial mask in the area of dust which help in filtering out harmful chemicals or dust, getting vaccinated, staying away from polluted air, smoking and stopping use of wood burning stoves during winter season.

Chronic Bronchitis Prevention

Covering your face with mask to avoid lung irritants like pollen and fumes, getting vaccinated for influenza and bacterial pneumonia, taking annual flu shots, and frequent hand washing are recommended ways to prevent chronic bronchitis.

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