What Causes Toenails To Turn Brown: Home Remedies Brown Toenails

If at all there is any part of the human body that is neglected the most, it is the toenails. Toenails and fingernails are hardly attended, except while you trim them or when you apply nail polish. We seldom realize that toe nails are important for our digits. They protect the fingertips from external trauma.

Though there are many subjects who believe that people can live without toenails, practically, it seems difficult and bit unrealistic to live without nails in daily life. There are many conditions that can affect your nails. It can be nail fungus or trauma to the toenails. A brown discoloration of the previously healthy toenail may suddenly become a cause of worry.

Though it is not a dangerous ailment, its unsightly appearance may prompt the person to keep it covered all the time from public sight. The good news is that, people should shed off their apprehension and anxieties regarding black or brown discoloration of toenails, since many remedies are available to cure the condition.

Causes Of Toenail Discoloration To Brown

Now let us know what causes your nails to turn brown:

Generally a healthy toenail is white and slightly pink in appearance. Wearing tight fitting shoes constantly can discolor your toenail and turn them brown. Waiter, policemen, construction workers are vulnerable to this problem. At a given time, brown toenail can occur in single toe or more than one toe. The condition is more prevalent in adult individuals.

Together with brown discoloration, the toenail may also become ridged, thick and split. The brown discolored toenail is vulnerable to toenail fungus infection. In medical term, the fungal nail infection is called onichomycosis. It is a difficult word to describe a persistent, nagging condition. Fungus of the toenail emanates foul smell. The toe may become painful especially when you walk wearing shoes. Brown toenails may also occur with increasing age.

If there is an injury to the nail or the under surface of the nail has been bruised, after few days the nail may appear black. The condition in medical terms is called subungual hematoma. It is a common problem among athletes. The toes constantly hit on the top portion of the shoes while running.

If you wear tight fitting shoes, the blood may get accumulated below the nail bed due to pressure. In rare instances, toenail that has not been bruised or infected with fungus may be a sign of melanoma or cancer. Black toenail may also be a sign of gangrene, where there is reduced blood supply to the toe.

Home Remedies For Brown Toenails

The nail fungus that is responsible for brown toenail is harmless, but it may be unsightly if it persists for a long period. You may need to treat the condition if you are bothered with the brown discoloration or upset by the pain it may cause while walking.

  • If your shoes are tight, change your foot wear to a larger and wider shoes. Wear cotton socks instead of synthetic as they absorb moisture and keep your feet dry.
  • Several home remedies are available for treating the condition. Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy frequently used for brown toenails. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide. Rub the affect toenail with tea tree oil daily while going to bed.
  • Apple cider vinegar: it is considered as most useful remedy for treating fungus infection of the nails. Soak your toenails in a bowl filled with vinegar and water for 15 minutes. Dry your toes with a clean cloth. Follow this procedure regularly. After few weeks you may find a change in the color of the toenail.
  • Many people have found beneficial results after applying toothpaste on the affected toenail.

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