What Causes Bruising on Skin | Causes of Skin Bruise Infection

Bruises Causes:

What causes a person to bruise and why are some people more prone to bruising than others? Bruises are caused by a number of reasons, and some people bruise more than other because they have other underlying problems that make them more susceptible to bigger bruises or to bruising easily.

  • Most bruises are caused by accidents that cause a person to bump parts of their body on hard objects. This causes the blood vessels under the skin to break. This then results in the purplish or blue-blackish colored “stain” on a person’s skin.
  • People who exercise a lot, like athletes and those who lift a lot of weights, often break out in bruises due to the stretching and tearing of the blood vessels that occur when they do these activities.
  • When certain bruises occur even without prior injury, this may indicate that the person has an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. Such problems are accompanied usually by nosebleeds and gums that bleed and may indicate bleeding problems like cirrhosis and hemophilia.
  • There may be times when you will notice certain bruises on arm or on your shin and you won’t remember where this came from.
    This may have been caused by you hitting these body parts on certain hard areas of your bed while you were asleep.

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