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Skin Bruise

A bruise on the skin is condition often caused by trauma caused by a blunt force which was not enough to break the skin but damages the tissues and blood vessels underneath. In this condition, blood leaks out into the damaged surrounding tissues as the blood vessels break. Another reason why there is bruising is that the area pools with blood after an injury or medical procedure.

When the cause is not trauma but an illness or medical condition, the bruise is more aptly called as purpura.

Some people are more prone to bruising than others. Those who are sick with dengue fever, Marfan Syndrome and liver cirrhosis are the ones most likely to experience easy bruising. Other possible causes include hemophilia, aging, and bone marrow disorders.

Skin Bruises Symptoms

When a person bruises, the most telltale sign is the blue-blackish or purplish discoloration on the surface of the skin. If the bruise is a problem that comes about because of other illnesses that are associated with it, other possible symptoms may occur together with the discoloration of skin.

  • When a bruise is first developed, it does not show up as the dark-colored spot that the patient usually sees on the skin.
    It often starts out as a reddish mark on the skin where the blood vessels broke due to the impact of the injury. The blue-blackish mark or the purplish mark that is called the bruise happens within hours of this injury.
  • When a bruise heals, it slowly turns a different color until it fades. Usually, the bruise turns greenish or yellowish before it fades.
  • Sometimes a bruise on skin may feel tender to the touch, depending on how strong the impact was on the area of the bruise. Pain may accompany the bruise but this also fades away as the bruise heals.
  • Since the bruise is an injury that is under the skin and is not exposed to the elements and bacteria, no infection will occur to this kind of an injury.

Home Remedies for Skin Bruising

In most cases, treatment will not be required as the bruise will clear out on its own. Still, if the underlying cause is treated as in the case of bruising caused by ailments, the person will be less prone to developing bruises. To hasten healing, the following home remedies can be used:

  • Crush some stalks of parsley. Apply it on the bruised area.
  • Make a plaster from comfrey leaves.
  • Crushed cabbage can also be applied on the bruised area.
  • Apply witch hazel.
  • Use warm compress on the area.

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