Home Remedies For Deep Paper Cuts Treatment: How To Avoid Paper Cuts

Papers often have very sharp edges and occasionally while sliding your hand across these edges one can easily get injured with a paper cut. Often accumulated bacteria and dirt can make matters worse and result in more serious complications.

Natural Home Remedies For Paper Cuts

There are certain home remedies which can be beneficial in treatment of paper cut and avoid secondary infection

  • Mint leaves are considered beneficial in the management of paper cuts.
    Warm a mint tea bag and then cool it before applying it on the cut. Alternatively, if the cut is on the finger, soak the finger in a dish containing cooled mint tea. You can also mix a couple of drops of peppermint oil. Mint is beneficial in soothing the effects of inflammation and also creates a numbing and soothing effect. One can also apply mint gel which is available in the market.
  • Aloe Vera is another essential home remedy for treating paper cuts.
    Locally apply freshly squeezed gel from the Aloe Vera leaf on the cut directly. Aloe Vera is also available in the form of gels. Studies have shown that Aloe Vera assists and hastens the process of healing. It is also recommended in the management of burns or skin irritations

Treatment For Deep Paper Cuts

Deep paper cuts need to be managed promptly to avoid infections. Here are some simple tips to manage paper cuts,

  • Firstly, try to stop the bleeding. Normally small cuts usually stop bleeding by themselves, but if not apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or a bandage. Hold the pressure for a few seconds or elevate the wound. Don’t keep touching the cut, as it may dislodge the clot and result in renewed bleeding.
  • Clean the wound with soap and clean water. Soap can cause irritation hence it is best to clean the area around the injury. Alternately used hydrogen peroxide or iodine, which are anti-septic and prevent infection.
  • Cover the wound with a bandage. Exposure to of the wound may increase the possibility of it getting infected and further delay the healing of the wound.
  • Ensure that you change the bandage every day, because it is prone to get dirty and accumulate dirt. In case you are allergic to adhesive bandage, use adhesive free dressing.
  • Get a tetanus shot.

How To Avoid Paper Cuts?

In order to avoid paper cuts, it is crucial to handle books and papers with care. Here are some simple tips while using paper or other related material

  • Don’t slide your finger or hand across the edges of papers. It is essential since these are the areas that tend to accumulate dirt and bacteria which can further result in infection.
  • While handling pages of books, especially when they are brand new or if they are very old, it is important to take precautions. This may result in paper cuts and result in bacterial infection.

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