How To Prevent and Treat Bruising after Surgery?

Bruising is caused due to leakage of blood from ruptured capillaries (tiny blood vessels) under the skin.  The cause can be either due to trauma (accident or a surgical), or due to deficiency of certain nutrients or due to disorder in blood clotting mechanism. Bruising after surgery is very common. Many times even after careful cauterization of tiny blood vessels during operation, few bleeders (blood vessels) around the muscles and tissues start to ooze again as the blood pressure comes to its normal.

The bleeding is not severe but faint and dripping. Usually bruising is not a serious condition; however it can make things look uglier for few days after surgery, especially surgery on face and in exposed areas of the body.

Post surgical bruising also occurs when the surgeon has not used vacuum wound drain. Post surgical bruising eventually clears away after few days; meanwhile you may observe changes in skin color on the bruise area.

There are certain things that can help to prevent bruising after surgery.

  • If you are taking blood thinning medicines or aspirin, always inform the surgeon in advance. Avoiding aspirin one to two weeks before surgery minimizes the risk of post operative bruising and bleeding in excess.
  • Proper suturing and cauterizing blood vessels during surgery usually prevents excessive bruising.
  • Use of homeopathic medicine arnica few days before surgery helps to minimize post operative bruising. Arnica is prepared from the plant Arnica Montana; it is successfully used in treating pain, stiffness and bruising. The medicine has ability to stabilize platelets and that restricts the bruise to spread. Preventing bruising after surgery is important for a person undergoing face lift surgery or any other cosmetic surgery on the face.
  • Many times to prevent excessive bleeding or when there is deficiency of vitamin K, vitamin K shots are given prior to surgery, to restrict excessive bleeding and bruising.
  • Keep the head elevated after surgery on face. It will reduce the amount of blood flow, and thus help in preventing the rate of bruising.
  • Surgical garments are also recommended to prevent bruising.
  • Restricted activity after the operation allows swelling and bruises to disappear more quickly.
  • Take vitamin C 3 to 5 days before surgery. Vitamin C strengthens the capillaries and prevents excessive bruising after surgery.

How to Treat and Reduce Bruising after Surgery

  • Use of cold compresses on the bruise enhances the healing process and the bruise may disappear within few days after surgery if at all it has occurred.
  • Homeopathic medicine Arnica Montana helps to resolve bruise and the black discoloration, caused on the skin due to post operative bruise.
  • Never apply heat on a bruise as it will further aggravate the condition.
  • Drink fruit juices and fruits containing vitamin C. It helps to resolve bruises.
  • Apply vitamin K containing gels and ointments on the post operative bruise. Vitamin K effectively reduces the discoloration caused due to bruise.  It also helps to strengthen the blood vessels.
  • Apply witch hazel. Use clean wash cloth or sterilized gauze to make witch hazel cold compresses.
  • Eat food containing anti oxidants. They increase the recovery process and absorb bruise very quickly. Lean protein, raspberries, spinach, beat roots, carrots, cabbages, green leafy vegetables etc.

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