Random Bruising On Body: Causes And Remedies For Bruising Easily

Bruise refers to soft tissue injury which is associated with extravasations of blood. This often results in reddish-purple discoloration of the skin, which doesn’t blanch on pressure. A bruise usually disappears within a few days by changing its color from reddish-bluish to greenish and then yellowish. This is due to the metabolism of the dead blood cells, which are a part of the bruise.

What Causes Cuts And Bruises On Body?

Bruise usually occurs in response to a soft tissue injury. Following a tissue injury, the blood vessels, usually capillaries break and result in leakage of red blood cells. These red blood cells tend to get accumulated at the site of the injury. Bruise appears when the accumulation of the blood occurs under the skin. This condition is associated with pain, which is aggravated on touching and swelling of the affected part.

However, there are certain conditions which can result in random bruising on the body i.e. it may not necessarily be associated with an injury. Here are some causes,

  • Scurvy a condition caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C leads to easy bruising of the skin, especially due to weakened blood vessels.
  • Overuse of certain medications like aspirin or prednisone can lead to alteration in the blood clotting. This results in easy bleeding from the capillaries and cause bruising.
  • In general, capillaries are very delicate blood vessels and are easily damaged, even whilst performing routine activities. In healthy individuals, the blood contains certain factors, which rapidly heal the capillaries and prevent extravasation of blood. In individuals with altered bleeding time and clotting time or deficiency of Vitamin K, the capillaries cannot naturally heal themselves which in turn results in bruises and clots on the skin.
  • Dengue fever caused by mosquito bites is another condition which alters the level of thrombocytes in the blood. Thrombocytes play a vital role in allowing the blood to clot, especially following an injury. Drop in the level of thrombocytes can trigger internal bleeding along with formation of blood spots or petechia on the skin. This can result in random bruises on the skin.

Natural Remedies For Bruising Easily

Here are some essential tips to deal with random bruising on the body. While it is recommended that you consult your doctor immediately, there are certain home remedies and natural treatments that can be tried simultaneously to increase effectiveness,

  • Vitamin K supplements are very critical. These help boost the liver functions and also help in improving the natural clotting ability of the blood.
  • Reduce the intake of certain blood thinner foods like onions, garlic, etc. These foods are known to reduce clotting of the blood and thereby trigger bruising. In case you consume aspirin or prednisone, it is recommended to consult your physician to get these medications changed and look for other alternatives.
  • Vitamin C supplementation is useful to deal with scurvy. Vitamin C rich foods include lemon, lime, oranges, pineapple, etc. Vitamin C can also help improve the body’s immunity to fight infection.
  • Ensure that you remain well hydrated at all times. Also consult your physician immediately if you observe that some of the symptoms are worsening.

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