Burning Tongue Natural treatment | Natural Remedies for Burning Tongue

Burning Tongue Home Remedies:

Finding yourself with burning mouth or burning tongue syndrome can be bothersome, and going to a doctor for treatment may also prove to be bothersome if the symptoms are nothing more than annoying. Here are some home remedies you can try before you do decide to go to a doctor:

  • Some people treat burning tongue by sipping on cool water or sucking on a piece of ice. This sometimes works well enough.
  • Another remedy that some people use when they experience this hotness in their mouth is to chew a piece of sugarless gum.
  • When you have burning sensations in your mouth, you can treat this by smearing some lavender oil on your tongue. This oil has antiseptic properties as well as the ability to increase blood circulation to a person’s tongue.
  • One of the easiest cures for burning sensations in mouth you can use at home is to mix together some honey with milk. This mixture usually helps soothe the burning sensation that is felt in your mouth.
  • Glycerin is also another known remedy for burning tongue syndrome and can be used at home. Apply some glycerin on your affected mouth and wait for the soothing effect it will have on the areas that feel like they are burning up.

Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome

For treating burning lips syndrome intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, antifungal therapies, and using baking soda instead of normal toothpaste is effective. To cure glossodynia, always keep body hydrated by frequent intake of healthy drinks and water. Putting glycerin on the tongue and consuming oral anti fungal medicines are also beneficial in treating scaled mouth. Sprinkling sugar on the tongue also helps to soothe the burning tongue. Using tongue for holding the sugar kept on the roof of the mouth till it gets completely dissolved is also a good remedy for burning tongue.

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