Burn Causes | What Causes Burns on Body or Skin

There are a lot of reasons why a person gets burns, and these reasons can stem from accidental occurrences, carelessness, or simple twists of fate. Here are some of the more common causes why a person gets burns:

  • One of the top culprits when it comes to accidental burns is the many cooking surfaces you find at home and the hot items on these things. Barbecue grills, ovens, stovetops – these can all cause a person to accidentally burn himself.
  • Other possible items at home that can cause burns are everyday items like clothes irons, curling irons, hair-flattening irons, and even radiators or heaters.
  • Any hot liquid can cause a person burns. Coffee, hot water, hot tea, pots filled with hot cooking stew or soup—these can all cause a person superficial to severe burns. Even hot water that comes from the tap when too hot to handle can give a person burns.
  • Accidents with fire can also cause a person to suffer from burns. Examples would include sudden bursts of flame from your fireplace or from other sources like a bonfire or even fires that erupt in your home from a lighted candle or other flame sources.
  • A person can also get burns from certain chemicals and from electricity.

Contact Burn Causes

This occurs when direct contact is made to any hot objects like cigarettes, soldering irons, microwaves, fireplaces.

Scald Burn Causes

When person comes in direct contact with a hot liquid then this kind of burn occurs. Damage to the skin is more if contact duration to the liquid is more.

Chemical Burn Causes

This included burns due to alkaline substances and acid. Alkali substances have property of penetrating deeper as compared to acids hence risk of burn is higher.

Other reasons for burns are steam inhalation, gas burns and burns due to flames.

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