Signs and Symptoms of First, Second and Third Degree Burns

The different degrees of burns have different kinds of symptoms that can tell you what degree of burn you might have. Here are some of the individual symptoms each type of burn has and some of the common symptoms they all share:

  • First-degree burns are characterized by the redness of your skin that is accompanied by some mild pain and possible swelling. Example of a first degree burn is sunburn.
  • When you have second-degree burns, you will see some swelling of the skin, blisters forming, severe pain and peeling off of your skin. Second-degree burns also develop a cherry red or bright pink color that is wet looking and glossy.
  • When a person experiences third-degree burns, he will often experience charred skin, a feeling of numbness on the burnt area of his body and very severe pain. People who suffer from third-degree burns need to seek emergency medical help immediately.
  • Other symptoms that may accompany any of these different burn types include fevers, headaches, feeling faint, feeling weak, and an increase in pulse. A person who has burns can also experience bluish nails and lips, difficulty breathing, and they may go into shock. These are all common symptoms that can come with any of the burns mentioned above.

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