Home Remedies For Burnt Finger: Stopping Burnt Finger From Hurting

Burns on fingers is a common complaint amongst women, since they often handle hot utensils while cooking. Besides touching heated objects, burnt finger may occur due to various other reasons such as accidental immersion of fingers and hands in hot boiling water, or exposure to hot steam, hot oil etc.

Handling certain corrosive chemical and acids can cause burns on fingers and hands, caustic soda burn is one such example.

One of the surest ways to prevent finger burns is to take precaution while handling objects.

Burnt Fingers And Types Of Burns

In general, burns are categorized into three degrees, first degree burns are superficial burns and only upper layer of skin is affected. In second degree burns, the superficial as well as the deeper layer of skin is affected. It may give rise to fluid filled blisters. Third degree burns are associated with charring of the skin, deeper tissues and muscles. Third degree burns are serious and they need to be treated immediately. In some cases prognosis of third degree burns is guarded.

In most cases finger burns are superficial first degree burns or second degree burns.

A slight superficial burn on finger is also extremely painful, because there is highest concentration of touch receptors and thermo- receptors. This makes your finger extra sensitive. Most of the time a burnt finger is not dangerous to life, however if neglected it can lead to several complications such as contracture deformity and secondary infection.

How To Make A Burnt Finger Stop Hurting?

To stop burnt finger from hurting, the best and immediate first aid treatment is to hold your finger under running tap water for 15 to 20 minutes. In between you can also immerse your finger in a vessel containing cool water but not ice cold water. Ice or ice cold water should not be applied on the fingers because it may cause vasoconstriction, meaning constriction of blood vessels. This may cause more harm to the fingers.

After soaking the burnt fingers in water, the next step is to clean the area with a sterile gauze piece to remove dirt and debris. Reassurance is more important in finger burns, since most finger burns are minor, and heal within few days. To reduce pain you can take mild anti-inflammatory medication. However, you should not give any medicine for children. They require immediate medical attention even if the burn is minor.

You may also consider using few effective and rewarding home remedies over the burnt fingers.

Apply gently a slice of papaya on the wound. It removes the dead skin cells from the burnt area.

Aloe vera gel is a great burn healer. Apply aloe vera gel if it is available in your medicine box or it is available freely in all pharmacy stores.

Home Remedies For Burnt Finger Healing

You can also apply aloe juice extracted from the aloe leaves, if they are grown in your garden. Slit open the leaves from the center and apply the gel directly on the burnt finger.

If aloe vera is not available, the next immediate home remedy that can be thought of is honey. Honey is an effective home remedy for treating simple finger burns caused while doing household work. Apply thin layer of honey on the finger burn as soon as the burn has cooled down. Honey is also mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

If there is a small blister on the finger, the best thing is to keep it as it is and do not try to break open with an aseptic needle as it may lead to infection. Sooner or later the blister will burst on its own.

You can apply calendula ointment on the blister surface or on the burst blister. Calendula is a homeopathic remedy that is found to be effective in burn treatment. It also helps in regeneration of skin cells and heels the wound faster. After applying calendula, cover the area with a sterile gauze bandage.

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