Remedies for Treating First or Second Degree Creosote Burns on Skin

Creosote burns can be chemical burns or thermal burns and they can be very painful. Treatment is going to depend on the severity of the burn and of the amount of tissue involvement.

  • Creosote is used in many industrial settings
  • Creosote burns may also be a thermal burn when heated creosote comes in contact with the skin.
  • It is important to handle it with care as it can lead to painful chemical burns
  • When burns do occur, emergency care must be administered
  • Care for the burn will depend on the degree and on the size

What is Creosote?

  • Creosote is the name that is given to a number of substances either:
    • Wood creosote
    • Coal tar creosote
    • Creosote from Chimney Flues
  • It is commonly used in the preservation of wood

Creosote Burns Skin First Aid

A creosote burn is a either a thermal burn or a chemical burn. Some first aid measures for a burn include:

  • Remove Excess Chemicals on the Skin
  • Remove any clothing or jewelry that has been contaminated by the creosote
  • Wash the affected are under cool but not cold running water for 20 minutes– do not submerge the affected area in ice water.
  • Wrap the burned area with a clean cloth or gauze
  • If the patients continues to experience burning rewash the affected area
  • Seek medical attention

While the patient is en route to medical care, avoid applying different substances to skin (e.

g. eggs, toothpaste, crushed tomatoes, etc.) as they can aggravate the condition further.

Creosote Burn Remedies

Before treating the burn, physicians are going to need to look at how severe it is.

  • Burns affecting large areas of the body may be a cause for concern and patients may need to be hospitalized for proper care.
  • Smaller burns, either first or second degree can be treated at home following a doctor’s evaluation.
  • Patients with larger and deeper burns need a hospital stay for fluid and electrolyte replenishment, proper monitoring, and other treatments.

Treatments that Can be Done at Home to Relieve the Symptoms of First or Second Degree Creosote Burns include:

  • Aloe Vera – this helps to soothe the skin
  • Cool compresses – helps to deal with pain
  • Regular cleaning/Debridement
    • This can be done with the help of a professional
    • It involves the removal of dead tissues
    • Several techniques can be employed including wet to dry bandaging

It is a necessary process and can be done either at home or in the hospital

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