Use Of Egg Whites For Burns: Home Treatment For Burn Injuries

In olden times people used to apply egg whites over the burns as a remedial measure for treating burn injury. However, one should remember that in those days there were no antibiotics, and people had very little understanding about microorganisms. They had to rely on things that were handy. No doubt you may have read many stories regarding use of egg whites, white flour etc to cure for burns, but with changing times researchers and physicians do not recommend it.

They believe that egg white is a good culture medium for the germs to grow, and prevention of infection is a big concern in burn cases, even if they are minor. Currently they believe that the best first aid that is needed for a minor burn injury is to immerse the area in cool water or run cold water over the wound. This too is recommended for first degree and partly to second degree burns. For third degree burns an intensive medical treatment is essential, as in many cases the condition is life threatening.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Before going further it is necessary to know what the three degrees of burns are.

First degree burns are those that affect the superficial layer of the skin.

They are considered as minor burns, unless large area of the body in involved. Pain and redness are the only symptoms. Minor burns generally occur in feet, hands, and groin area. The type of minor burns can be treated best with home remedies.

Second degree burns involve both the layers of skin, meaning the superficial layer as well as the layer beneath called the dermis. Besides pain, redness, swelling, fluid filled blisters form in such secondary burns. Depending on the area affected by the burn injury, it can be treated as minor burn or major burn needing immediate medical help.

Third degree burns are the serious burns affecting the skin layers, underlying fat, muscles and even bones. The burnt area appears charred black. It leads to permanent damage and disfigurement.

How To Use Egg Whites For Burns Treatment?

Even though applying egg white remains a controversial topic, many practitioners of natural medicines favor its application on minor injury. They believe egg white forms a protective layer. Applying it layer after layer may alleviate the pain caused due to a burn injury. Especially when the egg white is cold, the pain and redness becomes less. It prevents scar formation.

To apply egg white, one has to separate the yellow yolk and the white. Run cold water on superficial burn for few minutes and then apply the egg white layer after layer. However this sort of application is only helpful for a short period, till a person takes proper medical advice. According to them, those who are allergic to egg should avoid applying egg white.

Home Treatment For Burn Injuries

Leaving aside the use of egg white for burns, there are many other treatments that you can try at home.

  • Water: running cold water on the burnt surface is the first choice. It will cool the surface and prevent the heat from going deeper into the tissues.
  • Aloe Vera: the gel of Aloe Vera plant contains anthroquinones, lectin and mannans. These are the main substances which give the Aloe plant its healing benefits. The cooling effect of aloe gel helps to alleviate pain from burns. It also prevents to form blisters if the burn injury is minor. The antioxidant values of aloe vera plant helps to speed up healing.
  • Diet: eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C like oranges, lemon, watermelon, strawberry, grapefruit, spinach, tomato etc. Vitamin C helps to rapidly heal the burn injury. Also eat foods that are rich source of Zinc. Zinc promotes early tissue repair and aids in increasing the immune system to fight the inflammation and infection. Meat, beans, peas, lentils, cereals, crabs and lobsters are good source of Zinc.

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