Home Remedies to Treat Burns from Hot Boiling Water

Scalding is a dreadful accident that may happen when people handle hot boiling water. The intensity of the water burns will indicate the suggested treatment required in administering relief.

Home Remedies for Water Burns

  • Minor burns can be remedied by washing the area under running water for about 15 minutes.
  • Allow the blisters from the water burns to heal on their own.
    Removing them forcefully can cause infection.
  • Home treatment can be done on first-degree burns that affect only the top layer of the skin. Submerge the burn in cool water for 20 minutes to minimize the damage.
  • Do not use ice as it is too harsh for the burns and can produce more damage.
  • Avoid infection by keeping away from grease, butter or any ointment as relief.
  • Pain relievers can be prescribed by the doctor.
  • Homeopathic therapies can be given to minor burns with the use of herbs and plants like aloe vera, calendula and other similar types. Topical application is ideal for treatment.
  • If the minor burn develops severe redness or streaking, seek medical help immediately.

Prevention – What to Do for Water Burns

  • Water burns can be prevented by making sure about the temperature of the water being handled.
  • To protect children during their bath, parents should maintain a temperature of below 120 degrees when using a heater. It is imperative to test the hot water before the child uses it.
  • Keep hot water out of children’s reach.
  • Hot food can also scald people. After heating the food from the microwave, stir it first so that the temperature will be more appropriate for the tongue.

Severe Hot Water Burns Remedy

  • Severe burns must be treated with immediate medical attention.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious cases of water burns. Nerve damage occurs, producing no feeling of pain whatsoever. All layers of the skin are affected, requiring major surgical procedure like debridement.
  • Physicians will give antibiotics through intravenous methods to help treat the infection from the water burn.
  • Skin grafting is also commonly used as treatment for third-degree burns. It is the process of taking a portion of skin in another area to replace the damaged skin.
  • Healing may take a long period of time and there is greater chance of scar formation, too. Reconstructive or cosmetic surgery may be used as well.

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