Simple Home Treatment and Care for Hot Glue Gun Burn

Hot Glue Gun Burn

Hot glue gun has been an indispensable tool in a number of ways. This is especially utilized in crafting, simple carpentry, decorating, and other things that need permanent or temporary bonding. There are practically several uses of glue gun in people’s daily living and functioning. And this is very simple and safe to use.

However, accidents can happen when a person using this glue gun can sustain burns from it. Fortunate enough, there are ways at home that help in alleviating the burns caused by hot glue gun. And this does not necessarily mean that a victim would directly seek the help of a physician.

Treatment of Hot Glue Gun Burn

When someone has been accidentally hurt or burned by a hot glue gun, he can simply follow these simple methods to alleviate the pain and minimize the damage:

  • The affected part must be placed under cool running water. If the burned area is within the torso or trunk, immerse it in a basin of cold water.

    Never try to peel off the stuck glue on the skin as it will only further damage the skin.

  • Soak the skin area covered with hot glue for more than ten minutes until pain and feeling of burning has decreased or no longer felt.

  • While the affected part is submerged in water, gently massage or rub the area where the glue was stuck. Doing this will slowly remove the glue in the outermost layer of the skin.

  • Rub off the glue using a cotton ball with olive oil. When the glue has been totally removed, wash off the oil on the skin.

Hot Glue Gun Burn Care

After the glue has been taken off from the skin, there are burn care methods to be done to minimize damage or complication and control infection. The following must be done:

  • Using another cotton ball dipped in vinegar, rub off the skin area where the glue has been removed. This is to kill any harmful microorganisms that might have been caught in the area.

  • Pain medication can be taken if there is still pain.

  • Put some antibacterial ointment and cover with clean gauze.

  • Watch out for any indication of second degree burn such as blister, excessive redness, and severe pain. When these happen, it is wise to see a doctor and get the affected area assessed and treated.

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