Hot Oil Burn Treatment and Natural Remedy at Home

How to Treat Hot Oil Burn

Hot oil burns are common injuries in the kitchen when cooking. This is a common kind of thermal burn that can be remedied right away to avoid complications. Here are some tips to take note of when hot oil burn has been sustained:

  • Immediately move out from where the hot oil is.

    Contaminated clothing must be taken off instantly.

  • Placed the affected area in running water until it cools. Directly applying ice right after acquiring the hot oil burn would only further the damage. So, do not apply ice. Damping it with cool cloth is better to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

  • Burn creams or lotion can be applied after to moisturize the skin and prevent further damage of the affected tissues. Wrapping it won’t help; thus leave it as is to encourage faster healing.

  • Although this may not need immediate medical assistance, if the pain and damage are severe it helps to consult a physician. With the help of a medical expert, complications such as infection can be avoided.

Hot Oil Burn Home Treatment and Remedy

When a person obtains hot oil burns, he must act fast to prevent the formation of blisters and help in the healing of the burn fast.

  • As mentioned above, run water on the affected area or soak it in cool water.

  • Application of banana pulp can help cool down the burned area and facilitates healing.

  • Grass and black eye-peas mixed together can be an effective combination to soothe the burn.

  • Potato slices applied to the burned area can help in cooling it.

  • Crushed henna leaves mixed in water is also a good cure to hot oil burns and aids in the skin’s fast recovery.

  • Pure honey has also the ability to manage the condition.

  • Ground red berries in yogurt have a good and cooling effect in the skin. When this is used in the skin burned with hot oil, it brings pain relief and healing.

  • Bitter melon extract has also a positive effect on burned skin.

Hot Oil Burn Care

Since hot oil burns are considered minor burns, no immediate medical help is necessary. Available materials at home are enough to cure the burns.

  • Cool water is an instant relief. One can run it for a few minutes until discomfort or pain is minimized.

  • When the effects of the burn have been controlled, application of creams or moisturizers can help minimize the further damages.

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