How to Treat a Lip Burn with Severe Burning Sensation

Lip Burn

A lip burn is a painful condition wherein the patient feels a burning sensation on the lips. The patient will feel a burning sensation on the lips and other sensitive parts. The pain is caused by damage or injury to the sensory nerves in the area. The tissues that cover the lips are so soft that they can easily tear or become injured.

This is the reason why it is easy for them to become injured or affected by trauma and other possible reasons.

Sometimes, this condition is accompanied by marked swelling, cracking, and extreme pain, three of the most common characteristics for a severe lip burn. There are also times when the condition is just mild so that part of the lips might have a darker color than is usual, mild swelling, and a little pain. A patient suffering from lip burn could experience pain even when the affected area is not touched.

Sunburn, extremely cold or hot weather conditions, and lip injury are among most common reasons why a patient will experience lip burn. Another reason why this condition is experienced by the patient is that he or she had injured the affected area through waxing or shaving.

Since men are the ones who often wax or shave the lip area, they are the ones more prone to lip burn because of this reason. Other possible reasons are chemical burns, oral thrush, and even food allergies.

How to Treat a Lip Burn

  • Assess the damage and determine the cause. This will help in determining the extent of treatment that the patient needs.
  • Address the underlying cause.
  • Make sure that the lips are clean. If there are splinters, dirt, or other materials stuck between the tissues, wash them off gently. Dab with a clean cloth.
  • It is also a good idea to apply cold compress on the affected area. This will help reduce the swelling.
  • Then, use medication or home remedies to treat the affected areas.
  • Make sure to protect the area as much as possible. This means that the patient should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, strong winds, or very cold temperatures.

Lip Burn Treatment

  • Use the gel from aloe vera plant to soothe the affected area. This will also help reduce the swelling.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the affected area as long as there are no open wounds. Also apply a liberal amount if the patient has to go outdoors in very hot or very cold weather.
  • Do not apply the juice of lemon or any citrus fruit on the area.

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