What Is Pepper Spray Burns Treatments and Remedies

Pepper Spray Burns

  • Pepper spray burns happen because of the presence of the active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum which is found in cayenne pepper.

  • Pepper spray should only be used for self-defense as this can extremely hurt the person sprayed on, though it won’t kill him.

  • When this is sprayed in the eyes, the person would not be able to open his or her eyes for some time leading to a temporary blindness.

  • It is known that cayenne pepper makes chili paste very hot. Thus, when this is applied in the skin, it causes irritation and burning sensation. And the burn can be very severe to some extent.

What is Pepper Spray?

  • Pepper spray, also called capsicum spray, OC gas and OC spray is a chemical compound that can irritate the eyes leading to pain, irritation, and unusual tearing.

  • Pepper spray is considered a non-lethal method of self defense which has the capacity to temporarily blind someone when applied on the eyes. This is not flammable or toxic but can cause inflammation to the skin which others term as pepper spray burns.

  • This is used for self-defense from another individual attacker or animals.

    It is not deadly and can be lethal in very rare instances.

  • The active element is a chemical compound obtained from capsicum genus plants.

Pepper Spray Burns Treatment and Remedies

When looking for ways to be relieved from pepper spray burns, the following are needed:

  • Paper towels

  • Saline solution

  • Detergent soap

  • Small glass

  • Antacid liquid with Aluminum Hydroxide

What to do:

  • Do not touch the part sprayed with the compound, particularly if it is on the face or eyes.

  • Blink a couple of times to bring out more tears and to help dilute the active solution of the pepper spray in the eyes.

  • Fill half of the shot glass with water and the other half with the antacid solution or household milk.

  • Place your eye or any part of the skin burned with pepper spray in the solution. Do this for a couple of times.

  • With the other body parts burned by the pepper spray, use detergent soap in washing. Applying petroleum jelly or vegetable oils can also help to neutralize the capsaicin.

  • Clothes that are sprayed need to be taken off and washed immediately.

  • Use paper towels soaked in water with soap to wipe off other areas in the body sprayed by the pepper spray.

  • In the next 24 hours or so, regularly drop saline solution into the eyes.

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