Prevent Burns | How to Prevent Yourself to Get Burns

Burns Prevention

While there may be times when accidents do occur, trying to minimize the possibility of accidents that may cause burns is doable. Following some safety tips to help decrease the danger of burns in your household can be done with these ideas:

  • Fire safety is important in every home. This is why installing smoke detectors in your home is a good idea. Checking periodically if your smoke detectors are working is also a must.
  • Some people may think it unnecessary but those who know the danger of home fires know that it is important to try and teach your family about what needs to be done in case of a fire. Fire drills can also help teach your family members about what needs to be done during these emergencies.
  • Cleaning out fireplaces and stoves regularly to remove the buildup of combustible substances like grease is also a good preventive measure.
  • Faulty electric wiring can also cause fires to erupt in homes. Having your wires checked periodically for problems is also advisable, preferably at least every five to ten years.
  • When cooking, always follow safety procedures in the kitchen like keeping pot handles safely away from the edge where people may hit them.
  • When handling hot water, care should be exercised. When bathing, test the water first before getting in. The same care should be exercised when making and drinking hot beverages.

Safety Measures to Avoid Burns

  • Avoiding smoking in bed
  • Installing smoke or fire alarm in the areas of house such as kitchen, fireplaces, and bedrooms. Batteries of smoke detectors should be checked periodically.
  • Every house should have emergency exit during fire break out.
  • Electrical insulators must be of good quality.
  • When dealing with fireworks, adequate prevention measures should be taken.

Prevent Burns in Children

  • Electrical appliances, electric chords, matches, candles should be kept away from the reach of children.
  • Keep children away when doing activities like smoking or dealing with hot liquid.
  • Never allow small children to remove food items from microwave or oven.
  • Chemical solutions should be kept away from the children.

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