How To Naturally Remove Burn Scars and Prevent Development of Scar

Remove Burn Scars

There is several treatment options that can remove scars brought about by burns. These options often need surgical procedures depending on the type of scar that develops and the severity of the burns.

  • Surgery. This procedure can help in the removal of keloid scars. It directly removes the scar tissue.

    Skin grafting often is needed during this procedure.

  • Laser Surgery. There are several types of lasers that can smoothen, flatten, and remove the discolorations of burn scars.

  • Skin Grafting. This involved replacing the damaged skin that has been burnt and replacing it with a new healthy one.

  • Dermabrasion. The superficial skin layers of the skin that has been burnt are scraped off. This process will lead to the softening of the scar tissue which can help improve the appearance of the burnt skin. Dermabrasion usually takes several sessions before a preferred result is established.

  • Skin Flap Surgery. This kind of surgery involves moving healthy skin from another area of the body along with the blood vessels, underlying fats, and often some muscles to the burnt area.

  • Tissue Expansion. The existing tissue in the injured area is increased to provide room for reconstructive procedures. The technique that is used here usually is partnered with the one that is used in skin flap surgery.

  • Z-Plasty. This procedure revises the formation of the scar by using an incision in a form of the letter Z. The incision decreases the tightness of the skin that is caused by contracture scars. It also can help in blending in the scar with the natural folds of the skin making it less visible.

  • Cryotherapy.

  • Steroid injections.

  • Medications that contain antihistamines and corticosteroids.

  • Lotions and creams.

How to Remove Burn Scars Naturally

Naturally removing scars from burns usually are associated with preventing scars from developing fully after the burnt wound heals. Some of these natural methods that can help prevent the development of burnt scars include:

  • Massage Therapy.

  • Physical Therapy.

  • Pressure Garments.

  • Application of cold water with turmeric powder to the burnt wound. This should be done immediately after the burn.

  • Olive oil that should be spread over the scar right after a warm bath.

  • Use vitamin E capsules and mix contents with oil and massage on the scar or the healing wound.

  • Wheat germ oil and almond oil

  • Fenugreek seeds that are soaked overnight and then grinded to form a paste can help erase ugly signs of scarring due to burns. The paste should be allowed to dry on the affected area before washing.

Avoid exposing the wound and the scar that will develop to sunlight while trying the natural methods mentioned above to promote faster removal of scars

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