Symptoms of Swollen Sunburned Lips and Its Treatment Remedies

Sunburned lips

Too much basking in sunshine gets the lips easily burned caused by the UV rays that the sun emits. Just like the skin and other parts of the body, it is exposed to the sun daily. The only difference is that there isn’t enough protection for the lips unlike the skin that can be easily covered.

Long hours of exposure under the sun burn the lips. Similarly, the lips dry up just like the human skin and it intends to crack or split up if no treatment is applied. Sunburned lips will most likely bleed due to loss of moisture.

Bleeding lips can get sore causing it to be itchy and irritating. In comparison, children’s lips are much more sensitive than adult’s lips because it is not yet fully developed. This is why most children are prone to getting sunburned lips although most adults who stay long under the sun can also have dry, burned lips.

Sunburned Lips Symptoms

Sunburned lips can be very visible since it lies prominently in a person’s face.

The lips that are burned by the UV rays of the sun has the symptoms that include,

  • A burning sensation felt by the lips.

  • Cracked lip surface or split up lips.

  • After the lips crack, it intends to bleed if no treatment or action is done.

  • Bleeding lips will then sore and have an itchy feeling to it.

  • The lips dry up and later peel off and have a rough touch to it.

  • Dehydration will occur when the lips are very dry because of too much heat.

Sunburned Lips Treatment and Remedies

A person having sunburned lips can have readily available home treatment. Here are some tips to remedy sunburned lips:

  • Avoid peeling off the dried part of the sunburned lips since it can cause bleeding.

  • If long hours of sun exposure cannot be avoided, sunscreen application can prevent the lips from getting burned.

  • Petroleum jelly containing vitamin E gives the lips moisture from drying up.

  • Aloe Vera gel can also be applied too lips that are severely burned.

  • For women, SPF containing lipstick can be applied before exposing to the sun for a long period of time.

  • For men and children, UV-protected lip balm or cream can be used for lip protection.

  • Hydrate by drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water every day to keep the lips moist.

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