Bursitis Causes | What Causes Bursitis in Hip, Shoulder and Elbow

What are the main causes of bursitis and why do people experience the pain and discomfort of these inflamed bursae?

Usually, when your bursa sacs become inflamed, it is because of stress, strain, or injury being caused to the bursa in certain parts of the body. Here are a few more reasons why a person may get bursitis:

  • Some people suffer from bursitis as a result of some repetitive action that stresses and strains a part of the body where a particular bursa is found.
    Weightlifting can cause bursitis due to the stress that you might repeatedly place on a particular muscle or joint.
  • Other people suffer from bursitis due to an infection. This can happen when a wound or opening is found near an area of the body where a bursa is found.
  • Sometimes bursitis can happen with the simplest of activities that would suddenly strain an area of your body. For example, the lifting of a heavy box can cause the inflammation of shoulder bursa.
  • When a person has bursitis due to overuse of the area where the injury is, the pain and the swelling won’t go away unless this activity that caused the overuse is stopped.
  • Some of the disorders that can bring about bursitis include gout, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

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