Bursitis Diet | Foods to Eat and Avoid in Bursitis for Quick Healing

What a person eats can help speed up the healing process or help him avoid certain diseases and problems. When you are suffering from bursitis, there are certain foods that you can avoid and others that you should increase your intake of to help with this ailment. Here are some suggestions:

  • Some foods tend to increase the possibility of bursitis as well as the incidence of the problem.
    These foods include highly acidic substances. Try to avoid too much red meat, fast food, junk food and tomatoes.
  • Replace whatever acidic and starchy food you used to eat with food that is rich in magnesium. These include green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, carrots, avocados, and celery.
  • Carrot juice has always been noted for its healing qualities; therefore, it is a good idea to drink a few glasses of carrot juice every day to help with bursitis treatment.
  • Burdock tea will help people with bursitis due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. This tea can be found in health food stores and should be taken between meals, preferably before lunch.
  • Raw celery should also be part of your diet if you are suffering from bursitis. Eat these during dinner or after dinner. This will also help make your breath fresh.

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