Causes Of Calluses On Elbows: Home Remedies To Remove Callus

Callus is a thickened skin area which develops due to constant pressure and friction on that part of skin. Calluses usually develop on feet and hands but sometimes they also develop on elbow. This skin condition does not pose any risk to health and in fact it is body’s way of protecting the skin from injury which occurs due to recurrent pressure and friction.

Unlike warts, calluses and corns are not caused by virus and it is not contagious. Calluses on elbow are infrequent; people who habitually prop their elbows on desk while working may have piled layer of dead skin cells which we call it as callus. It is formed in upper layer of skin.

Normally callus is painless but sometimes especially on elbow it becomes painful because of the proximity to the bony joint and nerve underlying the skin. People most often seek treatment of callus on elbow for two reasons. Since it is exposed area, some persons may find it unsightly. The other reason which requires medical attention is when the callus is painful.

Home Remedies To Remove A Callus On Elbow

People try numerous ways under the sun to get rid of callus present on elbow. However, most dermatologists suggest leaving it as it is if the callus is not producing any discomfort. If you want the callus to be removed consult your physician, especially when you are diabetic or suffer from peripheral neuropathy. He will observe the area which usually appears as grayish or yellowish. It is less sensitive to touch in comparison to the skin area surrounding it. Callus area is bumpy.

Primarily once you have callus, the treatment is successful if you remove pressure and friction on the elbow. The following steps will help to remove callus from elbow.

  • Soak the affected elbow in warm water for few minutes until the callus becomes soft. Apply a moisturizer to make the hardened area softer.
  • Rub the callus with a pumice stone as it is effective in removing dead skin cells. However, when you rub pumice stone, do it gently as rigorous rubbing can make the skin sore and raw. It may take several sittings to clear the dead skin.
  • Avoid leaning on the elbow while you are doing desk work. The best way to reduce pressure is to place the elbow on softer surface while doing work.
  • A lemon scrub is time tested home remedy for getting rid of thick skin from elbow region. Cut a lemon into two half. Dip a cut portion of lemon in salt and rub it over the elbow. It acts as an exfoliant which removes the hard skin, layer by layer. Depending on the hardness, the elbow callus may take weeks or months to completely vanish.
  • The callus skin area is frequently dry. In such case it is necessary to make it soft before venturing into any of the above home remedies. Apply olive oil or coconut oil daily on the callus for few days till the skin becomes soft and supple. Once you feel the skin is soft follow other measures for quicker results.
  • Before sleeping at night apply Vaseline gel on the callus regularly.

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