Diet for Canker Sores | Diet to Prevention and Cure Canker Sores

Canker Sores Diet Treatment

When suffering from canker sores or even when you are prone to these breakouts, you may want to avoid eating certain foods and drinking certain substances. Here are some dietary tips to help you avoid these painful eruptions as well as speed up the healing process of your existing canker sores:

  • Since canker sores are sometimes caused by deficiencies in certain nutrients, it would greatly help you to eat food that will increase these nutrients in your system.
    For those who have vitamin B deficiencies, you will do well to increase your intake of whole grain products and green leafy vegetables.
  • Yogurt is a very healthy food to have in your home and in your diet. Eating four tablespoonfuls of yogurt at least once a day will help you avoid canker sores. For treatment purposes, an eight ounce serving once a day should help.
  • Some of the foods that you should avoid if you are prone to canker sores or if you have these sores include coffee, citrus fruits, spicy foods and spices and dairy products.
  • You would also do well to avoid oily foods, raw fruit, sweets like pastries, cakes and candies, and very salty foods.
  • Try to consume a glass of carrot juice at least once a day. Drink more if you can to increase your immunity to certain ailments like canker sores.

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