Diet for Cataract Treatment | Prevent Cataract with Healthy Diet

Cataract Diet:

A diet for cataract patients should focus on those foods that help in treating the disease. At the same time, such foods should be able to provide the needed nutrients in order to nourish the patient’s body. What is more important is that diet for cataract patient should emphasize only on the intake of natural foods over processed foods.

Before one should embark on a diet geared to help cataract patients get well, the first thing that one should do is to cleanse the system. To achieve this, the person needs to go on diet for about 4 days, feeding only on orange juice and water. After the fasting period, one may go on a diet for two weeks which typically involves only the following:

  • For breakfast, one should take juicy fruits such as orange or grapes. These fruits are known for their beneficial properties for the eyes.
  • For lunch, a heavier meal is allowed consisting of raw vegetable salad in olive oil and limejuice dressing. For better taste, one may toss in figs, dates, or cooked raisins.
  • For dinner, one may eat steamed vegetables along with fruits or nuts.
    And just before a person go to bed, a glass of fresh milk will also be good.

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