What Causes Cataract Disease | How to Prevent and Avoid Cataracts

There are various factors that causes cataract. However, for most of the patients, advanced age is the main reason for contacting the ailment. This is due to the fact that when a person ages, the eyes losses some of its natural means of keeping the lens moist. Moreover, some of the protein in the eyes is lost with advanced age.

Aside from aging, the following are the other reasons for cataract onset:

  • Diabetes. When a person is suffering from diabetes, there is the great possibility that the person will likewise suffer from cataract. This is because the eyes are robbed of its natural protein.
  • Hypertension.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet lights, especially long-term exposure. In one study, pilots were found to be 3 times more at risk of developing cataract because of their constant exposure to ultraviolet lights.
  • Trauma. This may have been experienced at an earlier age and the cataract appears only much later.
  • Genetic factors. There is strong evidence that suggests the disease can be passed on from one generation to another.
  • There are also drugs that are known to induce cataract in eye. These include corticosteroids, Ezemtimibe, and Seroquel.

Cataract Prevention Tips

At present, there are no known ways that will successfully prevent the development of cataract. As such, most preventive measures are geared toward avoiding those situations which leads to the factors that causes it.

  • One common advice to prevent cataract onset is through regular eye examinations. Through frequent checkup, a doctor will be able to tell if there are changes in the structure of the eyes that could be the telltale sign of the onset of cataract. This preventive measure has one distinct advantage: it can detect the disease very early, thus allowing the possibility of stopping it early on its tracks.
  • Another way to avoid cataract is to avoid constant exposure to ultraviolet light, especially with the naked eye. This is because direct exposure to sunlight and other harmful radiation are known to usher in the development of cataract. On the other hand, if exposure to sunlight and radiation could not be avoided, one should wear sunglasses that offer ample protection from exposure to sunlight and harmful radiation.
  • Meanwhile, for persons who are high risk in diabetes should watch out their diet because diabetes is one factor that causes the onset of the disease. In line with this, one should make changes in one’s lifestyle to become more active and conscious of one’s sugar intake.

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