Symptoms of Cataracts Syndrome | Signs of Cataract Infection

Cataract Symptoms

The following are the most common signs of cataract disease:

  • From the outside, the first indicator of the onset of cataract is a distinct discoloration in the eyes. This discoloration is typically on the outermost surface. The discoloration is cloudy and milky in appearance. In most cases, these discoloration starts from the center and gradually spread outwards, until such time that it covers the entirety of the eyes.
  • For a person suffering from cataract, the first indication of having the disease is the sensations of having something block one’s vision. Later, sharpness of vision is lost. The loss of the sharpness of vision makes perception and identification of lines, shadows, and colors as well as identifying the edges of shapes less clear. That is why most people who suffer cataract at this stage strains to see the object, hoping to be able to identify the shape or contours.
  • As the disease becomes advanced, a person may experience veiling wherein vision of an object is partially or completely lost. This is because the cataract diffuses or spreads the light across the eyes.
    Instead of helping a person to see, the vision instead becomes blurred.
  • In most people, one thing that indicates the onset of cataract is when they see a “halo” around lights at night. This “halo” is the result of the onset of the disease.

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