Skin Chaffing Causes | What Causes Chaffed Skin Problem

What Causes Chafing?

  • Chafing is caused mainly by sweaty skin and with constant rubbing. Sometimes, the skin of a person is enough to cause chafing, especially in areas where the skin scrapes with skin such as in the armpit. However, another equally common cause of chafing is friction with other materials such as when one slides down a building while gripping a rope or when a person exerts strenuous efforts such as what one does when running. That is why it is very important to wear padded shoes as well as cotton socks to make the activity more comfortable and to diminish the possibility of developing chafing.
  • Another factor that causes chafing is obesity and being overweight. This is because the skin sags from the body weight of the person that results in frequent and intensified friction on the skin. Among overweight individuals, chafing is common in the leg area and in the armpits. Meanwhile, the heavy weights result in greater chances of developing chafing in the feet.
  • Another factor that causes chafing is lack of water in the body. This condition will make the skin dry, which makes friction more intense and more likely to result to chafing on the skin. Hence, it is also important to keep the body hydrated to prevent chafing.

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