How to Treat and Prevent Groin from Chafing with Natural Remedies?

Groin Chafing Treatment

Chafing can be caused by constantly rubbing the skin. It is an irritation that generally occurs along the areas of the groin, underarm, and nipples. It can also occur on other parts of the body. However, a patient can expect chafing on areas with pores for sweating. This condition can often be found in athletes and people with weight problems.

A misconception about chafing is that it is a sign of weight loss. However, it is not completely indicative and diagnostic of weight loss. This irritation is caused by two body parts that constantly rub against each other. It is also caused when clothing or a body part rubs and create friction. A patient can treat this condition by keeping the possible sites of chafing clean, dry, and moisturized all the time.

Groin Chafing Remedies

One cause of chafing on the groin is excessive weight. Friction causes the thighs, underarms, and groin to develop irritation. Since perspiration after an intense work out can also lead to groin chafing, an individual should wipe the sweat on the affected areas to prevent irritation.

An effective remedy would include working out during evenings instead, where the temperature is much cooler. People who cannot alter their workout scheme should immediately dry their skin and apply richly formulated moisturizers.

The following are some ways to remedy groin chafing and prevent it from reoccurring:

  • Hydration; Drinking at least 1 liter of water every day is recommended to avoid dehydration and keep the skin intact.
  • Proper clothing; Loose clothing will not only prevent friction upon contact, but can also avoid excessive sweating.
  • Comfortable underwear; Women should refrain from wearing pantyhose and men should switch to wearing boxers to keep the groin area dry at all times.
  • Natural powders; Individuals with chafing on the groin area can use talcum powder or cornstarch.
  • Wash clothes regularly; Avoid repeatedly wearing soiled, unwashed clothes since sweat and other chemicals can cause chaffing.
  • Keep the skin dry at all times to prevent it from getting irritated.

Groin Chafing Prevention

Prevention has always been better than cure. Before chafing on the groin area occurs, patients should constantly keep the body hydrated. Proper hydration with at least 8 glasses of water a day is the most basic way of preventing groin chafing. Patients can also mix Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to prevent the skin from developing more blisters.

Diet for Skin Chafing

Because chafing is a result of frequent friction among body parts, those who are affected by the condition commonly dismiss the condition as nothing serious. While such belief may be correct in some level, it is grossly erroneous to assume that the situation is not serious. This is because constant friction will cause wounds on the skin which may then result to infection.

So what is the best diet for those who suffer chafing?

  • It is imperative that a person who experiences chafing should include vitamin c in their diet. Vitamin C is best obtained in fresh fruits and vegetables. One way to get sufficient vitamin C is to drink fresh fruit juices, although it can also be obtained from fresh vegetable salad.
  • Zinc should also be included in the diet of a person suffering from chafing. The best source for zinc is oysters.
  • Another nutrient that is good for those who experience chafing is vitamin A. This vitamin can be obtained from liver of fish, turkey or pork, as well as from potato and carrot. Vitamin A helps maintain normal health function of the skin. The vitamin has proven therapeutic agents in the treatment of most dermatological infections including chafing.

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