Chicken Pox Natural Remedies | How to Treat and Cure Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox Home Remedies:

Because chicken pox is most common among children, treatment for the disease rests a lot in catching the disease at its earliest stage. This way, further infection will be avoided, although little may be done to prevent the rupturing of other blisters. Because of the tight economic conditions at present, medical treatments for cholera have shifted toward home treatment.

The following are the most common home treatments for chicken pox:

  • Egg: Feeding a patient with hard-boiled eggs will encourage the rupturing of the lesions. Because the contagious agents are contained in the milky substance in the lesions, their rupturing diminishes the contagious nature of the disease.
  • Oranges: Eating oranges help strengthen the immune system of the body, thus minimizing the effects of the disease on the patient.
  • Because the onset of chicken pox is associated with fever, prepare catnip tea that is sweetened with molasses to help bring fever down.
  • Use herbs such as St. John’s wort oil, Pau d’ Arco, and goldenseal to cure chicken pox. Ginger can also be used. When using ginger, it is best to slice it into small chunks and then boil in water, then drink the ale.
  • To stop the itching and to help bring down the fever, soak the patient in a bathtub with cold water and add ginger to it.

Chickenpox Treatment

For treating chickenpox itch, homemade mixture of white kitchen vinegar, baking soda and Alpha keri body oil in bath and direct application of mud pack is beneficial. Application of sandalwood, vitamin E oil and honey is also effective method to treat chickenpox. Herbs for chickenpox healing are chamomile, basil and lemon balm which can be taken in the form of tea. Addition of cinnamon and honey can make the healing process faster. To relieve itching, adding neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves in lukewarm water or colloidal oatmeal bath is also effective.

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