Causes of Cholera Disease | What Causes Spread of Cholera Infection

Cholera Disease Causes:

The following are the causes believed to trigger the disease:

  • The main cause of cholera is drinking contaminated water. This is the result of the infestation of the bacterium that causes the disease. Usually, such water forms after a typhoon or a hurricane has passed. On the other hand, some water lines may become ruptured after a disaster and contaminated water may seep in to the pipes. The contamination will then be transferred to humans once a person drinks the contaminated water.
  • Another cause of cholera infection may not require ingestion of the contaminated water. Sometimes when a person dips into muddy waters, infection will result. This is because the bacterium may enter the body through open wounds and sores that provide the entry point for bacteria. This is a dangerous case because the bacterium may enter the bloodstream that will make the spreading of the virus in the body very easy.
  • Another factor why the cholera disease spreads easily is from an infected human to another. This is made possible through mosquitoes, flies, and other common household pests that serve as carriers of the disease. Another cause for a person contracting cholera is when the things of an infected person or a room of a patient is not thoroughly disinfected.

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